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ZyXEL NWA1100-NH 1000Mbit/s Power over Ethernet (PoE) White WLAN access point

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802.11 b/g/n Long Range PoE Access Point, 2.4 GHz, 2T2R MIMO, 5 dBi, 240g
Part Number: NWA1100-NH-EU0101F
Availability: In Stock
Long-range, Powerful and Optimal Wi-Fi Connectivity for Businesses
In the so-called BYOD trend, more than 80% of employees use at least one personally owned mobile device such as smart phones or tablets for business; however data transmission with these mobile devices is sometimes unstable because of their weak output power. To be the best accommodate mobile devices in the network, the new ZyXEL NWA1100-NH 802.11 b/g/n Long Range PoE Access

Point features high output power and antenna gain to optimize wireless coverage and signal quality
that are four times better for improved device connectivity. In addition, advanced management features also relieve tiresome configuration tasks for more than a few access points (APs). The NWA1100-NH is the best solution for businesses to streamline Wi-Fi connections.

Boost Wi-Fi coverage for more than 30%
Today, speed is no longer an issue for Wi-Fi, but coverage still is. That is, longer distance causes serious drop in throughput. The boosted output power of ZyXEL NWA1100-NH improves throughput in the same distance and thus extends the coverage comparing other APs with regular output strength. With even the same number of AP deployed, users can still enjoy better performance within the coverage.

Adaptive to the existing wiring infrastructure
Compliant with the 802.3af standard consuming power of less than 15 Watts, the NWA1100-NH not only saves energy but also adopts latency switches; as such there’s no need to change the wired infrastructure and it helps businesses to minimize extra cost on new equipment setup.

ZyXEL ONE Network experience
Aiming for relieving our customers from repetitive operations of deploying andmanaging a network, ZyXEL ONE Network is designed to simplify the configuration, management, and troubleshooting, allowing our customers to focus on the business priorities. ZyXEL ONE Network presents an easy-to-use tool, ZyXEL ONE Network Utility (ZON Utility), to realize speed network setup. ZyXEL Smart Connect* allows ZyXEL networking equipment to be aware and recognize each other and further facilitating the network maintenance via one-click remote functions such as factory reset or power cycling. ZyXEL ONE Network redefines the network integration across multiple networking products from switch to Wi-Fi AP and to Gateway.

Secured Wi-Fi access control
The devices requiring Wi-Fi connectivity are mostly mobile units and are mostly not corporate assets, so management to access privileges of such Wi-Fi clients is definitely required to secure the business network. The ZyXEL NWA1100-NH offers various ways to verify Wi-Fi clients in order to keep unauthorized users from connecting to the network or taking network resources.

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